Earthen Wear 2020

$200.00 - $230.00

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  • Image of Earthen Wear 2020
  • Image of Earthen Wear 2020
  • Image of Earthen Wear 2020
  • Image of Earthen Wear 2020

These are our latest naturally dyed weavings. The plant based dyes used were Cutch, and Logwood. Cutch is obtained from the heartwood of an Indian acacia tree. Logwood is a Caribbean tree that's wood is a very vibrant purple! When logwood and is over dyed on cutch you get beautiful nearly black super rich dark browns. The weft is a vat dyed black. These are extremely soft and fine. They can be worn around the neck because they are so fine, but also as a shawl because of the large size. This is a re-do of the shawl I wear nearly everyday, I can attest to the fact that they go with nearly everything!

Made by Amanda Speer

100% Organic Cotton
**Natural dyed fabric should not be stored in direct sun! Cutch and Logwood are both great and have plenty of light fastness. They will fade over time, but not too bad. Also, as with most natural dyes the fading is usually quite beautiful and hardly noticeable because of this! But again, DO NOT STORE IN THE DIRECT SUN. I've been wearing my logwood/cutch shawl nearly daily for 4 years now and it still looks great!

Note: Two different lengths, two different prices!

Regular length (straight fringe): Approx. 27” x 82” $200
Extra long (Macrame fringe): Approx. 27” x 94” - $230

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