Ebbing Moons


Ebbing Moons was inspired by a full moon series that we experienced here on planet earth, did you feel it? We sure did. We feel very connected with nature, as we live surrounded by the gorgeous natural landscape of New Mexico's high desert.

First Dain dyed the Ikat stripes in the warp. After they came off the loom, he framed this ikat by dyeing clamp shibori circles. The scarves were then shibori stitched and over dyed again! Another example of the multi process work by Dain.

There are two variations of this scarf/shawl, as seen in the photographs: Dain is modeling the Dark Eggpland and Gel is modeling the Light Lavender versions of the scarf.

100% Cotton
Approximately 22" x75"
Handmade by Dain Daller