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New Neonz


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  • Image of New Neonz
  • Image of New Neonz
  • Image of New Neonz
  • Image of New Neonz

100% Indian Silk

Insanely luxurious silk with flashy post-modern dye work! Look fresh while wrapping yourself in tradition. The silk we use comes from a business in India promoting the sustainability of tribal silk villages. It helps to keep local traditional craft alive. You can feel the centuries of tradition mixed with the modern flash that has been added to the piece. Stunning!

Note Options in the final picture:

A- plain weave
B- twill, a little thicker, a little bit toned down

Woven by Amanda
23” x 78”

Image of Rain Prayer Shawl
Rain Prayer Shawl
Image of Watermelon Picnic
Watermelon Picnic
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Linen Double Weave Magic
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Image of Teal Maze
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Lambs Wool Mesh
Image of Pink side of the Rainbow
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Pink side of the Rainbow
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Bougainvillea Silk Ikat
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Virescent & Indigo
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