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Rain Prayer Shawl


Rain Prayer Shawl 3
100% Silk

Wrap yourself up for the rest of your life with this giant silk masterpiece by Amanda. The ikat dye is done in such a way that it resembles hands on each side reaching upwards towards a sun. Striking blues, with a burst of color in the middle. The magical silk weft was handspun in India. The piece is drapey enough that it can be worn as a shawl, or as a huge scarf. The luxury is never ending with this piece. This is the largest piece of the year.

Woven by Amanda

Note the options in the final picture. All shawls are extremely similar, but have slight variations in the weft.
A- As photographed in previous pictures
B- Woven with a basket weave and thicker silk weft, a bit thicker (warmer, too!)
C- Woven with a pattern and plain weave (My personal fav!)

approx. 33” x 90”