Insignia Series: Turquoise


Another multi process piece from Dain: Insignia Series: Turquoise. These are definitely show stoppers, and there is only one of each. As some of you know, we usually do runs of 5-6 on our warps, but each of this series is so unique it is getting it's own listing.

Dain warped the loom with an ikat dyed cotton warp. He then stitched shibori thread into the specified area, creating the negative circle space. After he did this he created a unique stencil design and painted the warp with fabric dye he made out of Procion dyes. Not in the images, the back side of this dyed part is not as vibrant as the face up side.

A true Dain masterpiece, at least in my opinion, but maybe I'm biased?

Only 2 are currently complete, we'll see if the others make it to the website before they sell.

Approximately 23” x 70”
Silk & Cotton
Handmade by Dain Daller